Junior Professional Officers Programme

The 'Assistent Deskundigen Programma' (in English referred to as Junior Professional Officers (JPO) programme) provides university graduates with the possibility of acquiring work experience with international organisations by contributing to policy formulation and implementation of activities in the field of development co-operation. The programme is open to candidates from the Netherlands and to candidates from developing countries.

Junior Professional Officers (JPO's) are posted with a number of UN organisations and international research institutes that maintain a relation of active collaboration with the Netherlands Minister for Development Cooperation (see List of Organisations Dutch AE/JPO/APO/JE Programme). Postings are funded only in countries which appear on the list of eligible countries Dutch AE/JPO/APO/JE Programme. Assignments are linked to the policy objectives of the Netherlands in the field of development cooperation. Positions are at entry-level.

In principle, the duration of an assignment is 36 months. This is also the maximum term. For each post a job description is prepared, offering a learning track. The organisations provide opportunities for learning in technical fields as well as with respect to personal skills according to predefined goals. JPO's should be aware, however, that during their assignment job descriptions may be subject to modifications if the circumstances so require.

The JPO will sign a labour contract with the organisation concerned. Salary and terms of employment are determined under an arrangement between the Minister for Development Co-operation and the organisation. The JPO will initially be offered a contract for 12 months which can be extended to a maximum of three years in total. An assignment is limited to one posting, irrespective of the length of the posting.

Minimum qualification requirements

Additional requirements for candidates from the Netherlands:

Additional requirements for candidates from developing countries:

In addition to these requirements, all candidates should preferably meet a number of supplementary criteria, such as:

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There are two catagories of vacancies with regard to nationality:

Dutch - Open to candidates who have Dutch Nationality
DC - Open to candidates from eligible Developing Countries

For an overview of all available positions please see vacancies. Vacancies are also announced on the website of PIF World
Only applications for a specific vacancy will be considered. You should send your application to the organisation/contact person as mentioned in the advertisement and not to the Nedworc Foundation or the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Candidates with partners who also wish to work in the country of their posting, are strongly advised to inquire with the organisation whether labour legislation in the country concerned allow partners to work.

Useful Tips for Application

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Selection procedure

Selection and recruitment of candidates are carried out by the organisations. Short-listed candidates will be interviewed.

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Nedworc Foundation will keep personal information of contracted JPOs in their database system for management, monitoring and evaluation purposes. Private details will not be shared with unauthorised third parties. All information with regard to short-listed candidates will be kept by Nedworc Foundation in their system up till the moment that the selected candidate has accepted the offer. Details of the unsuccessful candidates will be deleted.

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The JPO's Programme is administered by the Multilateral Organisations and Human Rights Department (DMM)of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands outsourced (part of) the management of the programme to Nedworc Foundation.

If you have questions about the programme, please check the FAQ section.
For additional information contact Nedworc Foundation (phone number: + 31 30 693 2912; e-mail address: jpo@nedworcfoundation.nl).
Questions about the organisations and job vacancies should be addressed directly to the organisations concerned.