Roles and responsibilities

In November 2009, and after a period of more than 50 years of managing the JPO programma itself, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs has outsourced the majority of the tasks and responsibilities concerning the JPO programme to the Nedworc Foundation. The Nedworc Foundation will ultimately be accountable towards the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through regular reporting on the JPO programme progress, and administrative and financial issues.

The delegated tasks concern the management of the programme and comprise planning, execution and monitoring of the yearly operational activities of the programme, including the financial management and administrative tasks. Nedworc Foundation acts as focal point for the receiving organisations and is responsible for the correspondence related to the delegated tasks.

In the present set-up of the programme, the receiving organisations are responsible for the selection and recruitment, guidance, briefing and debriefing of the JPOs experts. Tthe organisations report to Nedworc.

The following operational tasks related to the programme are the responsibility of the Nedworc Foundation:

The Nedworc staff directly involved in the programme:
Rolf H.M. Posthouwer
Overall Coordinator
Alida A. Laurense

Programme Officer
Angelique Boer-van den Broek

can be contacted at, tel: + 31 30 6932912

The contact person at the Ministry will primarily be responsible for policy related aspects of the programme:

The focal point at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is NÚlida Moll, Policy Officer, Multilateral Organisations and Human Rights Department, Social and Economic Affairs Division