List of eligible developing countries

Dutch JPO/JE/APO/AE Programme

This list is based on the present OECD-DAC List of Aid Recipients. It consists of all the countries mentioned in the first column of the DAC list (Least Developed Countries), all countries mentioned in the second column of the DAC list (Other Low Income Countries), and from the third column of the DAC list (Lower Middle Income Countries), only those countries with which the Netherlands has a bilateral development cooperation relation.

Please note that:

  1. Candidates from developing countries must be nationals from countries that appear on the list below.
  2. All country office positions funded under the Dutch AE/JPO/APO/JE Programme must be located in countries which appear on the list below. This applies to positions for nationals from developing countries as well as to positions for Dutch nationals or residents and nationals from other EU member states.
for latest updates see List of eligible developing countries at MinBuZa